Friday, March 25, 2011

Random thoughts about NZ and more challenges

New Zealand, it's over!
Here are some final random thoughts that came to us while traveling New Zealand, but that were too short to justify a post.

- Here they write with a "pin" and use "tin" dollar bills. What a funny accent!
- It is very, very hard to find free WiFi while it was everywhere in Peru. When you pay, it is also very expensive.
- They need more men in Wellington. There are way too many cute women walking around
- We are a pretty good team while driving here. I drive and Denise tells me to "keep left" every time I enter a new road, just to make sure I stay on the right side, which incidentally is the left side here.
- We see a lot of French travellers, as expected, but boy do we see a lot of Germans too
- Among all those who travel, French have the worst english accent, me included
- As we meet people we realize that 6 months of traveling is nothing. Many (young) travelers are on the road for at least a year (but few go through as many places)

- There are a good amount of retired people also staying at the hostels in New Zealand
- It would be really easy to cut down your own christmas tree here
- There are no major highways but the speed limits are pretty high. And we have seen almost no cops on the road, so speeding a little is not a problem
- Man would a lot of these roads be fun on a motorcycle!
- the West and south west part of the south island are our favorite areas
- given that the New Zealand dollar is fairly low, this country is a great bang for your buck with amazing nature all around
- Forget about sheep, there are also a lot of cows on the north island; a lot more than last time we came at least

Challenges update!

We have completed two more challenges before leaving the country. The first one from Mike O'Dell is kind of completed. He asked us to take a photo with a hobbit, and if we couldn't, to take one with a sheep, since they kind of have the same hair.
We sadly didn't run into many hobbits here, even though one guy could have played the part pretty well, but also seemed a little crazy. As for sheeps, there are many of them but they are very wary of humans (makes you wonder what the farmers do to them...) So the best shot we could get was this one. Sorry we couldn't do better!
These sheep are not as cuddly as you'd thing

The second challenge comes from my older sister Emmanuelle who asked for a local recipe from each country. Better than local, we have this hyper-local recipe that is a specialty of one of our hostels. They make this chocolate pudding every night for everybody staying at the hostel. It's not typically New Zealand, but it's so local we had to use it for the challenge. If you don't believe us, check out the facebook fan page that exists for this chocolate pudding. By the way, it is pretty awesome with vanilla ice cream.

Tastes better than it looks :)

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