Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photo challenges galore

We're hard at work to complete the challenges that you've given us, and we're making good progress!

There are many we haven't completed yet but here are some updates, in no particular order.
My friend Matt first challenged Denise to stop  doing easy headstands (I would argue that that one on a kayak was pretty darn hard) and do a real headstand where she doesn't use her hands. It's pretty hard, to say the least, but she pulled it off while we were visiting some wineries, and consequently lightly intoxicated, just to make it harder.
This one is for you Matt

While at the same wineries I did an update to the "local beer in unusual places" challenge from Jeremy. We are at the winery restaurant, where I had to discretely bring my beer and get a sip. This one required some planning since we don't just walk around with local beers on us. For information the beer is a Monteiths, a brewery, which every summer comes up with the Summer Ale, one of my favorite beers around.

Having a Monteiths at the Georges Michel winery
Next comes Fab's challenge. The goal is to find signs that say something that would sound funny in French or English. Needless to say we're keeping our eyes peeled and while driving we passed by this little town with the name below. It's funny in french.

Yes, but only one!

Finally, my sister Catherine was complaining that only Denise gets to do headstands so my challenge was to do one too. I remember distinctly pulling one off fairly easily in San Francisco last year but this one took a lot of work and after some major struggle I finally managed to pull it off.

You can tell I'm struggling...

If you have challenges for us, let us know!

All the challenges can be found in these posts.


  1. Félicitations pour vos prouesses. Je pense que j'aimerais particulièrement le vin de ce domaine qui sonne un peu comme un de mes chanteurs préférés (Georges Mich(a)el). J'attends quand même ma petite recette locale ;-)

  2. j'adore, continuez!! :-)

  3. Excellent! Cheers guys. Jérémy

  4. So does does the name of the town mean that there has been only one ever in the town, or does it mean each resident gets only one? If the former, is there a statue commemorating the one? If the latter, is there a big ceremony for each resident when they decide to have their one? These foreign customers are very interesting.

  5. All right, nothing but admiration, that's all I can tell :) not only a great performance but also a great pix, man.

  6. Good idea the regular object (beer) taken on not so common locations (you really had a beer in the loo?), what about that : Grab an insolite object and present it (short explanation) in a regular place. THe object has to be of course a local one that surprised/amused/intrigued you.

  7. Take photos of objects/scenes in your environment that look like letters in your last name, or another meaningful word to you both. Once you get settled in your new place in France, you can frame up a meaningful pictogram of your trip.

    Love you!