Monday, June 4, 2012

Next Up

Welcome to Paris
I guess we never really finished blogs for the trip.  There was more in Japan.  Nara, Kyoto, Nagasaki.  Maybe one day we'll post about them. Vince got really sick in Japan, then we made it to France, started eating again, visiting with family and friends, and getting reacquainted with our new world.  Then I promptly broke the shit out of my arm.  After which I had endless doctors appointments, pain and suffering, tiredness, haziness, and general malaise for almost 6 months.  It's amazing how constant pain affects a person.  You don't realize you're in pain, or that the pain makes you tired and lethargic, until you're all better.   Now I have all this energy, and the neurons are almost firing properly again.  Phew.  I'm glad that's done with.  Sorry to all of you who had to put up with me.

After surgery 1 of 4
Summer Cocktails at the country house
After rigamaroe and hoorah with the immigration, figuring out the health care system, learning not to trust just any doctor, moving into our apartment one handed, and finally getting it mostly furnished, I'm starting to discover little bits of Paris. (Props to Vince for taking care of most of that.)  Since I can't do any yoga right now, not in a proper studio at least, I'm focusing my energy on food.  Dangerous, I know.  Can't eat and cook all that good stuff if I'm not burning it off.  For now, I'll focus on food. Eating in, eating out, and random bits about my Paris life.  Maybe sometime soon, I'll be able to tell you about yoga again.  Someday.....

Notre Dame Cathedral

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