Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photo challenge #0 and #1

Right when we left SF we asked on Facebook if you had ideas of stuff you wanted us to do while traveling, that we should do and take pictures of.

The very first one came from our friend Jacob. This one is actually not even part of the challenge since he made Denise promise him to take the photo, even before we asked everybody else.

The story is simple. He really insisted for her to take his frisbee with us on our trip so that she could play some while in Tahiti. Needless to say, we don't have that much extra space in our luggage, so after much arguing he made her promise she would find one in Tahiti and take a photo to prove she'd done it.
The photo is right here. And you were right Jacob, she's actually pretty good at it.

This is right in front of our pensioin on Mataiva

The second one was a direct answer to our request and came from our friend Jeremy Attali. I met Jeremy while working at Orange and we've been friend since then. Jeremy proposed that I drink a local beer in an unusual place (I say "I" since Denise doesn't drink beer)
I had several ideas about this one (on the toilet, on a trampoline, in the plane, etc...) but the better one that also allowed me to show off at the same time is the one below. Thanks Jeremy!

The beer is a Hunani, the local Tahitian beer
I add it since I also took it. Same beer, on our plane to Tahiti

Now what is YOUR challenge? It doesn't have to be that easy. Just fire away and we'll see if we can do it. If it can help, we're currently in New Zealand and will be in Australia next.


  1. all right my turn then, since you drive motorcycles my challenge for your will be this one:

    everywhere you go you'll look for the "creepiest" biker you can find have either you or Denise take a picture close to him and his bike. By creepy I mean, the real biker, he doesn't shave, has tatooes all over his skin and extra points if he doesn't shower or if his bike is as nasty as him ;)

    Don't put yourself in danger though if he's in a gang, keep yourselves alive :)

    Cheers guys and keep enjoying life !