Thursday, January 13, 2011

Iguazu Falls are huge!

Denise and some of the falls
 From Buenos Aires we did a quick jump north to Iguazu Falls. The weather up there was way hotter than anything we got so far. It wasn't quite as humid as in the amazon thankfully, but the sun was pretty unforgiving.

The falls are right at the border between Argentina and Brazil. A bigger part of them is in Argentina but a very dramatic fall, known as Devil's Throat, is more easily visible from the Brazilian side. Looking at both options the infrastructure on the Argentinian side is a lot more developped with many walkways and view points, and even a 1km long walkway above the water to reach the Devil's Throat. We decided to start with that side. Unfortunately we didn't get the time to make it to the Brazilian side as well afterwards, since it's actually 1 hour later in Brazil and it's a 50kms drive to go from one side to the other.

We definitely got an eyeful though and the falls were truly quite a spectacle that we got to see from many angles. We got up early and got in pretty fast so we managed to avoid the onslaught of tourists for the first part of the day.

There's not much else to say. The falls were huge, we got wet (it was more than welcome given the heat) and it is truly an impressive sight!

First glance at the spectacle

Much needed shower
Two waterfalls on the side, by themselves... Only 2? Lame :)
Vince and the falls

Raging down
As a bonus there were also a few animals and many, many butterflies that were all but photo-shy.

One of the highlights was definitely Devil's Throat which deserves its name given how much water is thundering down this small area (small by Iguazu Falls' standards...). The scale of this thing is amazing. Since it's a major attraction we had to rub elbows with a bunch of tourists to get our slice of it but it was definitely worth it!

Fighting off the tourists for a quick photo

Given their location, it's hard to just "pass by" the area. You either go see the falls or you don't. But we definitely recommend that you do!

The rest of the photos is here


  1. now I'm definitely jealous. Too bad we didn't have time to go see them.
    Enjoy the end of your trip guys.

  2. Oh, I wouldn't worry, you guys get to see so much stuff already